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Entrust Funeral Service never sleeps because we understand how significant this moment is to you

As expert funeral directors – or undertakers – Entrust Funeral Service can help to ease the emotional trauma of bereavement on families. Our empathetic approach will help you to cope with your grief before, during and after the funeral service.

Our comprehensive funeral package gives you a one-stop funeral service resource, streamlined for your convenience because we coordinate all aspects of organising the funeral in-house.

This gives you the further benefit of saving on costs as we cut out middle men throughout the entire process, including post-funeral services and funeral supplies.

Big thanks to Eugene, Eforce and team for the great professionalism and service, helping to arrange my grandmother funeral. With them around there is no worry for the little knowledge we have.


Heartfelt and sincere thank you to Eugene and his team for taking care of my late father’s funeral.

Tan Poh Leong 
Tan Poh Leong

Thanks Entrust FS for the great professionalism, helping us to arrange my mum’s funeral in the way that we don’t have to worry abt.

Thanks to the team!


How our undertakers help you to cope with your loss

Entrust Funeral Service’s undertakers in Singapore provide all-round funeral services to help family and friends pay the proper respects the deceased deserves.

We understand that a death in the family – even when expected – is emotionally devastating and often leaves those left behind feeling bewildered and shocked.

We’re also well aware from our experience as Singapore funeral directors that the death of a loved one affects people in different ways. Some may initially show little emotion while others will exhibit signs of denial or even anger.

As experienced, compassionate undertakers, we’re able to help grieving relatives to work through the different emotions that can occur immediately after their loss.

Unfortunately, a death in the family is a time when you realise a multitude of admin tasks call for your prompt attention – such as sorting out legal and financial matters.

We can take some of the weight off your shoulders by making all the funeral arrangements, giving you some breathing space to try to take in what has happened and begin the grieving process.

Entrust Funeral Service packages are underpinned by our core values of respect, sincerity, integrity, compassion, and reliability. We aim to make you feel that we’re holding your hand before, during, and after the entire funeral process.

– Eugene Tan

We keep our funeral services affordable

As well as taking you gently by the hand through the funeral process, Entrust can also help to lighten the financial burden of funerals.

Our funeral directors are able to do this because we don’t outsource any aspect of our funeral services. This not only provides you with a hassle-free one-stop solution but also keeps costs down by avoiding third-party fees.

For instance, Entrust runs its own distribution operation, which can save you up to 20% on funeral supplies such as:

  • Funeral attire
  • Ceremonial/prayer items
  • Reception snacks and drinks

Entrust Funeral Service will treat your loved one with utmost respect. We'll ensure the experience you and your family have with us is truly pleasant.

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Entrust Funeral Service takes good care of the deceased and their family

The way Entrust structures its funeral services ensures the utmost care for the deceased and their family. We deal with:

  • Preparation before death, with our funeral pre-planning services.
  • Funeral set-up coordination, including hearse and funeral cars and casket services.
  • Installation of ancestral tablet in a 49-day custody service ancestral tablet hall.
  • Post-funeral prayers at our ancestral tablet hall.
  • Transport of ancestral tablet to permanent resting place.
  • Organisation of post-funeral Buddhist and Taoist memorial services, including arranging for appropriate temple.

In addition to Buddhist funeral services and Taoist funeral services, we also cater for Christian funeral services and non-religious observances for Singapore funerals.

While cremation is commonplace in Singapore because of land shortage, we can also arrange burials.

Most undertakers will part company with you immediately after the funeral. Entrust Funeral Service will continue to be there for you as you go through the different stages of grief.

Our standards and values

Keeping the entire funeral coordination under one roof enables us to maintain the highest standards as well as offer affordable pricing.

Entrust Funeral Service’s professional standards are based on our core values of respect, integrity and reliability, underlined by our efforts to:

  • Ensure dignity for the deceased and compassion for the bereaved.
  • Give the family a quality, value-driven service.
  • Help the bereaved in any way we can.

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