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Entrust Funeral Service in Singapore helps to make sure that Buddhist funerals adhere to the religion’s core beliefs in reincarnation and the effects of karma on rebirth.

The Entrust Buddhist funeral service comprises:

  • Embalming, dressing, cosmetising, casketing service
  • Half-glass, polished wooden casket
  • Ceremonial items
  • Dignified Buddhist funeral hall, altar, and memorial station setup, including flower arrangement
  • Tentage, tables and chairs, mobile toilet setup
  • Prayer sessions led by experienced Buddhist monks
  • On-site service crew
  • Glass hearse, pallbearer team
  • Air-con bus, other logistic services
  • Photography and videography services

Our complete Buddhist funeral packages start from S$4,980 only. Find out more.

In Buddhism, death marks the start of a new round of regeneration, determined by the karma accumulated during life.

In addition to providing a contemplative, unpretentious and dignified ceremony for the deceased, our Buddhist funeral services in Singapore can help your loved one to move smoothly onto the next life – and serve as a reminder to family and friends of the transient nature of our existence.

To everyone in Entrust Funeral Service.

We cannot thank you enough during the difficult times for how relaxed and prepared you make us feel for our mum’s wake and funeral.

The planning process was well organised and managed professionally. My brothers and I did not have to worry too much of missing any details as we go into this funeral with a heavy heart.

Such is our trust in his professionalism and competency. The team has gone over and beyond to ensure the entire process was carried out smoothly.

Alicia Khoo 
Alicia Khoo

Eugene, the boss of Entrust is such a compassionate soul. Although he is only 23 years old, he is a dynamic, no nonsense, hands-on reliable young man.

Eugene does what he says, answer your calls and messages promptly while always remaining really composed. Visibly humble and very down to earth and very capable too.

Rest assured your loved one will be in good hands from the start to the end. This young man sets every soul free be it big or small.

Thank you Eugene and I give a thumbs up to Entrust Funeral Service.

Tina Khoo 
Tina Khoo

Heartfelt and sincere thanks to Eugene and his team from Entrust Funeral Service regarding their assistance in our grandfather’s recent funeral arrangements.

Although Eugene is young, he displayed the utmost professionalism and great knowledge in the way he communicates with our families and friends. He is efficient, tactful and able to converse with both the older and younger generation as well as managed everyone’s expectations.

As per the name of the organisation, you can fully ENTRUST the team in their services.

Leong Hay 
Leong Hay

The Buddhist funeral service

Monks often play a central role in the Buddhist funeral service. They lead family and friends in the chanting of sutras (religious teachings) in the name of the deceased and, in an enlightenment ceremony, prepare the soul for the afterlife.

Chinese funerals in Singapore are often held within Buddhist communities. Chinese Buddhist funerals usually last 49 days, in the belief that the consciousness takes at least this time to journey from one life to the next. The first seven days of the funeral are the most important.

A Buddhist funeral typically takes the following format:

  • Enlightenment ceremony.
  • Funeral day service.
  • Cremation or burial service.
  • Installation of ancestral tablet.
  • Ashes collection or sea burial if applicable.
  • Further ancestral tablet prayers.

Services on the day of the funeral

Entrust will ensure the funeral day runs as smoothly as all the other funeral arrangements. We do this by:

  • Arranging the prayer services.
  • Organising pall bearers and ushers.
  • Engaging an experienced monk to lead the chanting ceremonies.
  • Arriving early to make sure the funeral decorations are perfect. We’ll also help you to clear up afterwards.
  • Organising the send-off ceremony after the funeral service, including traffic marshalling for the funeral cortege
  • Supervision of cremation or burial service.

We can then go ahead with post-funeral service plans according to your wishes.

Entrust Funeral Service will treat your loved one with utmost respect. We'll ensure the experience you and your family have with us is truly pleasant.

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Affordable, quality Buddhist funeral organisation

In planning the Buddhist funeral for your loved one, Entrust Funeral Service will listen carefully to your wishes and how you believe the deceased would want to progress towards their rebirth.

Our comprehensive Buddhist funeral package is designed to make sure the entire process runs smoothly and serenely to reflect the fact that death is natural and inevitable.

We keep the whole funeral process in-house, which means we can guarantee an affordable, quality service – before, during and after the funeral

We have three dedicated teams to cover all aspects a Buddhist funeral, under the coordination of an overall funeral director, who will also guide your family throughout the whole process. These teams are:

  • The Entrust Service Team – mainly in charge of handling the body and helping the family with prayers.
  • Entrust Funeral Supplies – responsible for the funeral decorations and other items such as incense and refreshments.
  • Entrust Care Team – in charge of preparing fruit and other food offerings to the deceased, plus floristry services.

The Buddhist funeral ritual

Buddhist funeral rites

Buddhist funeral rites are an important aspect of life, grounded in basic concepts such as:

  • Death is a process of transition.
  • The relationship between the deceased and the living continues.
  • Funeral rites help to reinforce ancestral family filial piety and restore harmony and order in the cosmos.

Buddhist Chinese funeral customs can be seen as part of a folk religion – an eclectic mix of belief systems without the doctrine and dogma of many other religions, or an authoritative priesthood.

Rites performed during a Buddhist funeral may include:

  • Chanting of the Heart Sutra during encoffining to prepare the soul to accept the death of its current physical body.
  • Enlightenment ceremonies, which can last for days, during which monks recite the Amitabha Sutra as a contemplation of Amitabha Buddha and the Pure Land.

How family members participate in a Buddhist funeral

The death of a loved one gives Buddhist family members the opportunity to practise filial piety by ensuring the funeral and surrounding events are solemn, simple and dignified.

Mourners can take part in monk-led chanting processions during encoffining, enlightenment ceremonies, the funeral, and cremation.

Family members can also spend time with the deceased before the funeral day, and may make offerings of food or flowers.

While monks usually perform Buddhist funeral rites, mourners and members of the Buddhist community may also preside over the funeral service and deliver eulogies or sermons.

The Buddhist funeral process may include a wake, during which family members pay their respects to the departed and console one another.

Advice for non-Buddhists attending a Buddhist funeral

While Christians traditionally dress in black for funerals, mourners at a Buddhist funeral wear white clothing to symbolise their respect.

Other points to bear in mind are that:

  • Buddhist funerals are not a time to display wealth.
  • Filming is prohibited.
  • Paying respects to the deceased should take the form of a slight bow to the casket, hands folded in front in a prayer position.
  • Head coverings should be removed for prayers and sermons.
  • You may join in the chanting or sit silently.
  • You should stand when the monks rise to their feet, if you’re joining in the chanting.
  • White flowers – never red – may be sent to the family before the service.
  • Donations to charity are acceptable.

3-day Entrust HDB void deck Buddhist funeral service packages

Our funeral packages include value-added services rarely – if ever – offered by other funeral companies.

Further, by keeping the entire process in-house, our funeral services not only guarantee you a comprehensive quality service but also keep your costs to a minimum by avoiding third-party involvement.

Buddhist funeral package items

Thorough embalming, dressing, cosmetising, and casketing service

Buddhist blanket, pillow, pearl, and other ceremonial items

Standard tentage setup

  • 18-foot void deck enclosure – 1 set
  • 18-foot serene curtains and carpet – 1 set
  • 3-foot square tables – 15 units
  • 4-foot round tables – 10 units
  • 100 plastic garden chairs
  • Electrical fans – 6 units
  • Electrical lighting – 1 set
  • Mobile toilet – 1 unit

Standard Buddhist funeral/memorial hall setup

Standard flower arrangement

  • Floral photo frame – 1 unit
  • Flower-decorated altars for the deceased – 2 sets
  • Flower-decorated altars for Buddha – 2 sets

10-inch by 12-inch photo and 6 passport-sized photos – 1 set

Decorated memorial station setup

Vegetarian food offering

  • Fruits placed on altars – 1 set each
  • Offering during prayer sessions – total of 3 sets

Buddhist Enlightenment Ceremony

  • Encoffining ceremony led by 1 experienced Buddhist monk
  • Funeral prayer sessions led by 1 experienced Buddhist monk
  • Final-night prayer session led by 1 – 5 experienced Buddhist monks
  • Cremation hall prayer session led by 1 experienced Buddhist monk

Standard glass hearse – 1-way

45-seater air-con bus – round-trip

Additional manpower and logistic services

  • Transportation of the deceased from home/hospital to site
  • Experienced pallbearer team
  • On-site supervision and coordination services led by our funeral consultant throughout the funeral


Additional days – S$300 per day

Catering services (provided by House of Catering, a subsidiary of Le Xin Catering Group)
S$12.50 per person, minimum order of 30 persons

Funeral supplies package
Includes: Packet drinks, bottled water, peanuts, sweets, red packets, tissue paper, toilet rolls, plastic bags, trash bags, etc.

  • For 50 persons – S$310
  • For 150 persons – S$470
  • For 250 persons – S$630

Also available:
Paper house sets, paper replicas, food offerings, live bands, limousine hearse, etc.

*Excluding tentage curtains and carpet

^Excluding embalming service

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