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Entrust Funeral Service in Singapore will help to ensure a Catholic funeral runs in accordance with the doctrine and rites of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Entrust Catholic funeral service comprises:

  • Embalming, dressing, cosmetising, casketing service
  • Half-glass, polished wooden casket
  • Dignified Catholic funeral hall, altar, and memorial station setup, including flower arrangement
  • Tentage, tables and chairs, mobile toilet setup
  • On-site service crew
  • Glass hearse, pallbearer team
  • Air-con bus, other logistic services
  • Photography and videography services

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Catholics and other Christians believe in the afterlife, and Catholic funeral services focus on prayers for the deceased’s soul, and usually include a Funeral Mass in recognition of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Also, Catholics accept the existence of purgatory – for the cleansing of forgivable sins – as well as heaven and hell. Funeral prayers are centred on asking for God’s mercy on the soul of the departed.

A Catholic funeral is generally held in church, although it may take place at a funeral hall, and is typically led by a priest. The service tends to focus more on rites than other Christian funeral services.

Thank you for taking care of my late father’s funeral.

A young yet knowledgeable chap who can clearly explain traditional customary in current generation lingo. Able to provide simple yet elegantly executed funeral service.

He is very transparent with the cost and the services provided.

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Chen X Q 
Chen X Q

Highly recommended.

Did not know what to do or how to go about any of the arrangements and the team was a BIG help. He took control and did everything for me and my family.

Good service as I was messaging the team like 2am in the morning and he was very responsive.

Thank you so much.

Carolyn Davis 
Carolyn Davis

Heartfelt thanks to Eugene and his team for the arrangement and service.

A young chap who is very experienced in this line. Take time to explain things in detail when there are doubts. Always very accommodating to last minute request during the short period of time.

Big thanks again to Eugene and his service team.

Keverne Tee 
Keverne Tee

The Catholic funeral service

Although optional, the Mass is often the keystone of a Catholic funeral service.

The Catholic Mass – the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, to give it its full title – is the central ritual of the Roman Catholic Church, during which bread and wine are consecrated and through transubstantiation become the body and blood of Jesus Christ – the Holy Eucharist.

The sacrament of Holy Communion is offered at every Mass, and it goes far deeper than symbolism. Catholics believe that by taking Communion – consuming the consecrated bread and wine – Christ literally becomes part of them.

The Funeral Mass (Requiem Mass) and Holy Communion are preceded and followed by several funeral rites.

Vigil Service before the funeral

Holding a Vigil Service (Prayer Vigil) for family members and friends is a common Catholic tradition. The vigil can take place during the viewing/visitation period or as part of a wake a few days before the funeral.

While wakes and vigils can be held at the funeral hall or the house of the deceased, in Singapore they more often take place in HDB (Housing & Development Board) communal void deck areas beneath the block of apartments where the departed lived.

The Holy Rosary is typically recited during a Vigil Service. The Rosary refers to a certain form of prayer in the Catholic Church and to the string of beads used to keep count of the constituent prayers.

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Advantages of having Entrust organise a Catholic funeral

Entrust Funeral Service listens carefully to the family of the deceased – and liaises closely with the priest who’ll conduct the service – to ensure all aspects of the funeral are carried out in a solemn, dignified manner in accordance with the belief base, rites, and customs of the Roman Catholic Church.

We can guide your bereaved family through the entire Catholic funeral process with understanding and empathy during what we fully realise is an extremely distressing and traumatic time for you.

We can also make arrangements for future Masses for the soul of the deceased, as part of our post-funeral services – not typically provided by other funeral directors.

A further advantage of engaging our funeral services is that we’re able to offer affordable pricing because we keep all aspects of our comprehensive funeral packages in-house, streamlining the service while avoiding the extra costs associated with a middle man.

The Catholic funeral ritual

Catholic funeral rites

A belief in purgatory is not the only factor that makes a Catholic funeral different from other Christian funerals. In fact, many Catholic funeral rites are unique.

Catholic funerals also tend to include more rites that other Christian funerals, alongside the Requiem Mass itself.

Rites at the service before the actual Mass include:

  • The introductory rite – a greeting by the priest.
  • Procession of coffin up the aisle to the altar.
  • Sprinkling of holy water during the procession.
  • Opening prayers and hymns.
  • Bible readings.

Following the Mass, funeral rites continue with:

  • More prayers.
  • The coffin being taken out of the church.
  • The Rite of Committal.

The Rite of Committal

The Rite of Committal is the final stage of a Catholic funeral. It can take place at the funeral service itself or at the cemetery or crematorium (the Vatican lifted its ban on cremations in 1963, although the ashes must still be committed to a consecrated site).

The Rite of Committal entails the priest officially committing the deceased to the earth as family and friends bid their final farewell.

After the Catholic funeral

Catholics may hold a Mass for their loved one on the one-month anniversary of their death. This is called a Month’s Mind Mass.

Further masses for the deceased may also take place on the anniversary of their death or on their birthday.

Advice for non-Catholics going to a Catholic funeral

Many people who attend a Catholic funeral for the first time often remark on the solemn splendour of the ceremony, which is rooted in centuries-old ritual and tradition.

If you’re attending a Catholic funeral service as a non-Catholic, there’re a few points you may wish to bear in mind.

As you would expect, the atmosphere at a Catholic funeral is extremely serious and respectful. Attendees are expected to dress accordingly, in black or dark-coloured clothes. Men should not wear a hat in church, and women are no longer required to wear a hat.

Unlike other Christian funerals, there tends to be no eulogy at a Catholic funeral service. However, the priest’s sermon is likely to include reference to the deceased’s time on Earth. Family and friends get the opportunity to say a few words about the deceased at the wake/Vigil Service or a reception after the funeral, if there’s one.

The overriding purpose of a Catholic funeral is to express belief in the eventual resurrection of the body and in eternal life. Catholics don’t regard a funeral as a “celebration of life” but rather a privileged opportunity to return to God the gift of the deceased, in which the prayers of family and friends are key.

3-day Entrust HDB void deck Catholic funeral service packages

The funeral packages designed by Entrust’s funeral directors provides value-added services we believe are rarely provided by other funeral directors.

Besides our post-funeral support services, you can get all the necessary funeral supplies, such as quality caskets, directly from us, which saves you the inconvenience – and higher cost – of having to look elsewhere.

Catholic funeral package items

Thorough embalming, dressing, cosmetising, and casketing service

Standard tentage setup

  • 18-foot void deck enclosure – 1 set
  • 18-foot serene curtains and carpet – 1 set
  • 3-foot square tables – 15 units
  • 4-foot round tables – 10 units
  • 100 plastic garden chairs
  • Electrical fans – 6 units
  • Electrical lighting – 1 set
  • Mobile toilet – 1 unit

Standard Catholic funeral/memorial hall setup

Standard flower arrangement

  • Floral photo frame – 1 unit
  • Flower-decorated altar for the deceased – 1 set

10-inch by 12-inch photo and 6 passport-sized photos – 1 set

Decorated memorial station setup

Standard glass hearse – 1-way

45-seater air-con bus – round-trip

Additional manpower and logistic services

  • Transportation of the deceased from home/hospital to site
  • Experienced pallbearer team
  • On-site supervision and coordination services led by our funeral consultant throughout the funeral


Additional days – S$300 per day

Catering services (provided by House of Catering, a subsidiary of Le Xin Catering Group)
S$12.50 per person, minimum order of 30 persons

Funeral supplies package
Includes: Packet drinks, bottled water, peanuts, sweets, red packets, tissue paper, toilet rolls, plastic bags, trash bags, etc.

  • For 50 persons – S$310
  • For 150 persons – S$470
  • For 250 persons – S$630

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