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Entrust Funeral Service (Singapore) has roots in Taoist funeral; we firmly believe in honest engagement and transparent pricing.

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The Entrust Taoist funeral service comprises:

  • Embalming, dressing, cosmetising, casketing service
  • Half-glass, polished wooden casket
  • Ceremonial items
  • Dignified Taoist funeral hall, altar, and memorial station setup, including flower arrangement
  • Tentage, tables and chairs, mobile toilet setup
  • Paper replicas – grand paper house, gold and silver mountains, etc.
  • Prayer sessions led by experienced Taoist priest
  • On-site service crew
  • Glass funeral hearse, pallbearer team
  • Air-con bus, other logistic services
  • Photography and videography services

Our complete Taoist funeral packages start from S$7,500 only. Find out more.

We’ll ensure the death of your loved one is honoured in accordance with the rites and rituals of your particular Chinese dialect group, to help the deceased’s continued journey along The Way, in the natural order of the universe.

As experienced, compassionate, and trusted organisers of funeral services in Singapore, Entrust can help your family through the emotional trauma of bereavement while making sure the departed gets the meaningful and dignified Taoist funeral they would have wanted.

Eugene, the boss of Entrust is such a compassionate soul. Although he is only 23 years old, he is a dynamic, no nonsense, hands-on reliable young man.

Eugene does what he says, answer your calls and messages promptly while always remaining really composed. Visibly humble and very down to earth and very capable too.

Rest assured your loved one will be in good hands from the start to the end. This young man sets every soul free be it big or small.

Thank you Eugene and I give a thumbs up to Entrust Funeral Service.

Tina Khoo 
Tina Khoo

To everyone in Entrust Funeral Service.

We cannot thank you enough during the difficult times for how relaxed and prepared you make us feel for our mum’s wake and funeral.

The planning process was well organised and managed professionally. My brothers and I did not have to worry too much of missing any details as we go into this funeral with a heavy heart.

Such is our trust in his professionalism and competency. The team has gone over and beyond to ensure the entire process was carried out smoothly.

Alicia Khoo 
Alicia Khoo

Heartfelt and sincere thanks to Eugene and his team from Entrust Funeral Service regarding their assistance in our grandfather’s recent funeral arrangements.

Although Eugene is young, he displayed the utmost professionalism and great knowledge in the way he communicates with our families and friends. He is efficient, tactful and able to converse with both the older and younger generation as well as managed everyone’s expectations.

As per the name of the organisation, you can fully ENTRUST the team in their services.

Leong Hay 
Leong Hay

The Taoist funeral service

A Taoist funeral focuses more on life than death and generally last for 3, 5, or 7 days.

Although Taoist funeral services and rites differ from dialect to dialect, key elements typically include a ceremonial altar symbolising immortality, surrounded by flowers and photos of the deceased.

Other common aspects of a Taoist funeral are based on:

  • Gaining merits for the departed.
  • Protecting the deceased from harm.
  • Separating the living from the dead.
  • Blessings and protection for the family.

As with Buddhist funerals, mourners at a Taoist funeral wear white clothing as a mark of respect. Funeral guests also give the family a white envelope containing money.

After cremation or burial, a funeral feast is usually held, with a seat left for the spirit of the departed.

Entrust Funeral Service will treat your loved one with utmost respect. We'll ensure the experience you and your family have with us is truly pleasant.

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Benefits of Entrust’s services for Taoist funerals

We can coordinate all aspects of organising the funeral of your loved one, offering a streamlined service for your convenience.

Entrust offers comprehensive Taoist funeral arrangements that ensure the whole process reflects believers’ adherence to The Way – the wonder and joy of life that continues after physical death of the body.

We take care of all the practicalities to ease the burden on bereaved family members so they can focus on paying their respects to their loved one as they journey into the afterlife.

Entrust’s highly-professional funeral directors can guide you through all the Taoist funeral rites and rituals specific to your particular dialect group.

And you won’t have to worry about the arrangements for funeral supplies such as joss paper, incense and refreshments, and food offerings to the deceased.

The Taoist funeral ritual

Taoist funeral rites

Many Taoist funeral customs are designed to keep the spirit of the deceased safe from harm.

Taoist funeral rites in Singapore often involve chanting of scriptures by a priest, accompanied by woodwind and percussion instruments, and the burning of joss paper by funeral guests to free the deceased’s spirit from the underworld.

Lamps, candles, rice, tea, and water often figure in Taoist funerals – each with a symbolic meaning – to help the soul of the departed enjoy a smooth journey into the afterlife.

Some Taoist funeral rites include placing a pearl in the deceased’s mouth or a bag of rice on the coffin to protect the body of the deceased.

After the funeral, there are 49 days of mourning, with prayers said every 7 days. During this time, the deceased’s children and grandchildren traditionally avoid cutting their hair.

Many Chinese Taoist funerals in Singapore take place among the predominant Hokkien and Teochew dialect groups.

Hokkien funerals

The first day of the Hokkien funeral process entails placing the deceased in the casket as their family take part in a ceremony using joss paper and coins to “buy water” from the Earth Deity to cleanse the body.

On the day of the funeral itself, a ritual is held in which family members make offerings as they’re summoned to the altar according to their relationship to the deceased. The Funeral Oration will also be read out.

Teochew funerals

Before the deceased is placed in the casket at a Teochew funeral, the funeral director leads the family in the performance of Teochew funeral customs. These Taoist funeral rituals include:

  • Crossing of the Bridge – considered the most important aspect of a Teochew funeral. A Teochew Taoist priest carries the deceased’s Soul Lantern and leads the family in crossing the bridge to the afterlife.
  • Sons and daughters feeding the deceased with bean curd and sugar – in remembrance of how their parent fed them as children.

Zhao’an funerals

Zhao’an funerals are a mixture of Hokkien and Teochew funeral rituals. This stems from the location of Zhao’an county in a Hokkien province (Fujian) near the Teochew area of Chaozhou.

In Singapore, funeral directors often arrange Hokkien and Teochew priests to conduct chanting ceremonies on different nights.

3-day Entrust HDB void deck Taoist funeral service packages

Taoist families in Singapore choose Entrust’s Taoist Funeral Package because of our insight into Taoist rites and Chinese funeral customs.

We offer a one-stop Taoist funeral resource including funeral supplies and post-funeral services. Keeping all the funeral arrangements in-house, not only ensures a quality service but also helps to keep your costs as low as possible by avoiding involvement of middle men.

Taoist funeral package items

Thorough embalming, dressing, cosmetising, and casketing service

Taoist blanket, pillow, pearl, and other ceremonial items

Standard tentage setup

  • 18-foot void deck enclosure – 1 set
  • 18-foot serene curtains and carpet – 1 set
  • 3-foot square tables – 15 units
  • 4-foot round tables – 10 units
  • 100 plastic garden chairs
  • Electrical fans – 6 units
  • Electrical lighting – 1 set
  • Mobile toilet – 1 unit

Standard Taoist funeral/memorial hall setup

Standard flower arrangement

  • Floral photo frame – 1 unit
  • Flower-decorated altars for the deceased – 2 sets

10-inch by 12-inch photo and 6 passport-sized photos – 1 set

Decorated memorial station setup

Paper replicas

  • Hand-crafted paper house
  • Gold and silver mountains
  • Guardian angels
  • 6-sided lantern and soul lantern
  • Paper sedan (for certain dialect only)

Taoist Enlightenment Ceremony

  • Encoffining ceremony led by 1 experienced Taoist priest
  • Funeral prayer sessions led by 1 experienced Taoist priest
  • 5-person final-night prayer sessions
  • Cremation hall prayer session led by 1 experienced Taoist priest

Standard glass funeral hearse – 1-way

45-seater air-con bus – round-trip

Additional manpower and logistic services

  • Transportation of the deceased from home/hospital to site
  • Experienced pallbearer team
  • On-site supervision and coordination services led by our funeral consultant throughout the funeral


Additional days – S$300 per day

Catering services (provided by House of Catering, a subsidiary of Le Xin Catering Group)
S$12.50 per person, minimum order of 30 persons

Funeral supplies package
Includes: Packet drinks, bottled water, peanuts, sweets, red packets, tissue paper, toilet rolls, plastic bags, trash bags, etc.

  • For 50 persons – S$310
  • For 150 persons – S$470
  • For 250 persons – S$630

Also available:
Paper house sets, paper replicas, food offerings, live bands, limousine hearse, etc.

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